Higher Education

Higher education in Broken Arrow is provided by Northeastern State University (Broken Arrow campus). The campus opened in 2001 and has an upperclassmen and graduate student population of 3, 500.

Broken Arrow is also served by Tulsa Technology Center Broken Arrow Campus. Established in 1983, it has an enrollment of about 3,500 full- and part-time secondary and adult students, with concurrent enrollment of high school students strongly encouraged.

Tulsa Community College is also home to hundreds of Broken Arrow and Union Public schools concurrent enrollment attendees.  With free tuition to qualifying students in Tulsa County, this 2-year institutions graduates hundreds of students each year with qualified degrees. Students are encouraged to continue their education for a Bachelor’s degree, and TCC has ongoing agreements with several 4-year universities to accept their students into degree programs.

There are 5 local higher education institutions within 25 minutes of Broken Arrow: Oral Roberts University, Rogers State University, University of Oklahoma – Tulsa, Oklahoma State University – Tulsa, and University of Tulsa (TU).  All offer a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programming, from business to medical to law.  University of Tulsa and Oklahoma State are consistently listed as top education values in the United States.